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The Purpose of Learn Stuff

Learn Stuff aims to make learning fun. It provides picture puzzles that are designed to improve your general knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Using pictures as a learning aid should help to memorise facts and information.

Puzzle Layout

The puzzles are displayed in the order that they were created. Therefore you will find the most recent puzzles at the bottom of the page.

You can display the puzzles in a random order by clicking or touching the "Random Sort" switch near the top of the page.

Puzzle Scores

You will be be given a percentage score on how accurate you have been. You will also receive a score that shows whether you have completed the puzzle within the time limit.

Note that your scores are held in cookies by the browser you are using.

Improved Memory

The picture puzzles at Learn Stuff are designed to help improve your memory effectively. A wide range of subjects the puzzles are provided to boost your general knowledge.


The puzzles at "Learn Stuff" are also hosted at quizlists.com where they are called "Picture Quizzes". Playing the puzzles on Quizlists allows you to store your scores permanantly on their server.

Quizlists also provides a number of other types of quizzes.

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